Ralph Waldo Emerson

United States
25 May 1803 // 27 Apr 1882
Author / Poet/ Philosopher


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The poorest experience is rich enough for all the purposes of expressing thought
The pest of society is egotists
The ornaments of a home are the friends who frequent it
The first wealth is health
The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul
The essence of friendship is entireness, a total magnanimity and trust
The eloquent man is he who is no eloquent speaker, but who is inwardly drunk with a certain belief
The disease with which the human mind now labors is want of faith
The best of life is conversation
The ancestor of every action is a thought
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On Anger: "For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind."
On Destiny: "Our destiny exercises its influence over us even when, as yet, we have not learned its nature: it is our future that lays down the law of our today."
Human, All Too Human
On Friendship: "A crowd is not company; and faces are but a gallery of pictures; and talk but a tinkling cymbal, where there is no love."